DB Schenkers Terms and Conditions of Transport

DB Schenker Terms and Condistions of Transport apply as the norm for the calculation of freight and other transport charges in the DB Schenker land transport system.

Combiterms 2000 all modes of transport

In the case of cross-border transport assignments DB Schenker makes use of rules which come under name Combiterms 2000.

Combiterms were first published in1969 and with this version they have been updated three times. This takes place each time in association with the corresponding revision of Incoterms, which are the interpretation rules for the International Chamber of Commerce for the more important delivery clauses in world trade.

Combiterms, which do not compete with Incoterms, are an aid when translating the legal text Incoterms into a cost division between seller and buyer.

In a simple and easily understandable way Combiterms shows the costs which arise in conjunction with crossborder transport. Examples of such costs are collection, storage, loading, unloading and distribution. Other examples are customs, taxes and charges as well as the CIP insurance costs clause.

Particularly in conjuction with the transport of groupage, costs arise which could be difficult to divide between vendor and purchaser. Combiterms solve this by combining the terms of trade with an easily understandable system for dividing costs between the parties. The risk of interpretation problems is reduced.

To further avoid different interpretations DB Schenker has employed the practice of agreeing with the customer on the application of a cost division before the transport assignment is performed.

Under the heading 'Remarks' points 1-4, thes is clarification of the interpretation of 'terminal' in the export country and the import country, freight paid and excluding costs.

On the DB Schenker website you can find PDF files with Combiterms 2000 - all modes of transport, in both Swedish and English. You will also find the delivery clauses which are applicable only for sea transport.

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